The International Personal Protection Training Council is an umbrella organization of highly skilled professional instructors, schools, business owners, executives, security, law enforcement, military and civilian personnel composed of numerous and distinctive disciplines dedicated to the education, development, and implementation of a highly effective and innovative reality based training system composed of master key principles and concepts necessary to better understand and precisely execute sophisticated yet effective applications of advanced principles, concepts and tactics which establish its very core. We are the first personal protection educational organization of its kind to implement sound empty-hand tactics and firearms training after reaching specific levels of advancement in both the professional and public training platforms. It is an organization that welcomes all professional protective business and organizations concerned and devoted to improving personal protection education, philosophies, and tactical combat training curriculums.

It is home to personal protection/martial arts training facilities that are tired of the political games and power struggles by members and leaders that are interested only in their personal financial gain disregarding their Instructors and/or their schools, students, and training curriculum. It is an organization ready to assist in supporting and educating owners and instructors in how to keep their schools open so they can provide for their families. It offers innovation, security, recognition, support and friendship to the struggling or successful schools wanting to move forward with innovative training ideas and concepts without fear of retribution or inexperience. If you currently own a school or are thinking of opening a school, but are unwilling to follow an ASSOCIATION or INSTITUTES business model created by some guys pyramid scam and/or are tired of you and your students interests being overlooked, it is time to re-think your own business model.


Tactical Kenpo² – America’s close quarter fighting science.

It is pure intelligence of thought, motion, concept, theory, and principle. Many of the innovative and explosive applications of technique, principle, and concept of motion have not yet been employed by other personal protective training organizations today. TACTICAL KENPO² is truly a progressive, innovative, practical, logical, and effective reality-based fighting science, a personal protective art produced and enriched by existing laws of physics, employing linear and circular movement coupled with intermittent power executed when and where needed along with intermittent rhythmic timing mechanisms employed when and where necessary to accentuate major and minor movement resulting in an explosive and effective yet percussive fighting science that continually flows with mesmerizing continuity and devastating authority.

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TACTICAL KENPO² is an offspring influenced by: the late SGM, Edmund K. Parkers “American Kenpo” (IKKA), AMA, Paul Mills’ (AKKI), Filipino Combat Systems (FCS) under Tuhon Ray Deionaldo, and the President and founder of the International Personal Protection Training Council (IPPTC), SPA, Mr. Ron V. Boswell and last but not least, it’s students! All the above, have greatly influenced the growth and direction of the personal protective art known as TACTICAL KENPO² and continue to do so today.

Though its basic roots can be traced back to the Asian martial arts, it has evolved and progressed over the last 15 years here on the streets of America, keeping up with the times and the ever changing social and environmental psyche that directly influences our thought processes and actions producing an art that is 100% American. This is what makes TACTICAL KENPO² and the International Personal Protection Training Council (IPPTC) America’s most explosive and effective reality based close quarter fighting science.

Mr. Ron V. Boswell

Senior Professor of the Protective Arts

A quick word about Mr. Ron V. Boswell, the President and founder of the International Personal Protection Training Council (IPPTC) and TACTICAL KENPO², Americas Close Quarter Fighting Science.

Mr. Ron V. Boswell SPPA, Senior Professor of the Protective Arts, is the founder and President of the International Personal Protection Training Council and is one of the principal engineers of the personal protective training programs used within the personal protection industry today. Mr. Boswell began his martial arts education within the Japanese disciplines at an early age of nine. Later, as a teenager he progressed on to train within several of the martial art disciplines for several more years, only to find the same frustrations and inconsistencies in reality, logic, effectiveness and practicality. Then in 1975 a close friend introduced him to the American martial art system of American KENPO (IKKA) headed by SGM, Edmund K. Parker. The rest is history, the years of searching for an extremely realistic, powerful, effective, and explosive personal protective training system had come to an end.

Mr. Boswell received his advanced martial arts and personal protection education under the most accomplished personal protective practitioners and martial arts educators or our time. Mr. Boswell’s experience consists of over 35 years of reality based personal protection, martial arts, tactical handgun and weapons training. He is truly a master of the personal protective arts. Mr. Boswell is known as a master instructor and has many years of instructing, choreographing, researching, developing and is also recognized as a tireless and intimidating competitor in the semi-full-contact arena during the late 70’s throughout the intercontinental U.S. competition circuit.

Mr. Boswell currently travels the country -when his busy schedule allows- consulting and training law enforcement, private investigators, security, athletes, military, civilian and executive protection personnel nationwide. He conducts the most explosive reality based personal protection seminars / training camps within the industry today, He is always assisting other instructors and students to become the best they can be in the Personal Protective and/or the Martial Arts industry and is known as a master instructor nationwide. He continues to create and innovate as a parent organization (IPPTC) for his students and schools located within the USA, personally ensuring the effective, realistic and proper evolution of TACTICAL KENPO² and the personal protective arts, safeguarding that the art will be forever changing and will never stagnate with the times as many classical arts have in the past and sadly will in the future.

The philosophy behind his reality based training program is simple. In the street environment, you will not find or hear TAP OUT, Dethrone Royalty, Referees, TV Cameras, Sports Announcers, MMA (Mixed-up Martial Artists), a Matted Cage, Victory Dances and Interviews. Reality is hard concrete, rocks, glass, curbs, sharp objects (ya lets go to the ground), weather, multiple assailants, sticks, guns, clubs, and the only trophy one can pray to take home following any confrontation is one’s LIFE.

His students are recognized as some of the finest personal protection authorities and EXPLOSIVE martial artists worldwide. Mr. Boswell’s abilities and accomplishments in the martial arts industry are acknowledged and respected internationally by fellow students, friends, Instructors and masters of all styles, not just KENPO.

The IPPTC and personal protective arts have acquired reputations as institutions of higher learning for many marital artists and personal protection professionals today.